Live from Jackson, Mississippi...

Blues night at Hal and Mal's. Lovin Visit Jackson, MS (Partnership) #CityWithSoul

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Who loves sundaes? And cool diners? Lunch today in Jackson, Mississippi was at "Brents Drugs" a former drug store turned into this super cool and retro diner. It's a locals fave for burgers, shakes and sundaes! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Savannah couldn't contain her delight over this hot fudge sundae! Who wants some?!
Partnered with Visit Jackson, MS


19 Best Places to Visit in Tasmania

19 best places to visit in TASMANIA...

Number 6 is our favourite. You?

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Who is the best sports person to come out of Mississippi?

As a 49ers fan I am biased and will go with the GOAT, Jerry Rice. Thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum here in Jackson with Visit Jackson, MS. If you are a sports fan, go here!


This mornings breakfast in Jackson, Mississippi at The Manship.

Who likes duck? And home made sausage?
What about smashed hash browns? Here with Visit Jackson, MS


What’s worth spending more on to get the best?

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Beer + Cider + Food Truck + Live Music + Jenga + Family Friendly...

When in Jackson, Mississippi put the Cathead Distillery on your itinerary. And to learn more about why Jackson is the City With Soul, go to this link -->


Who loves Jazz music?

Great venue in Jackson, Mississippi for lunch whilst listening to jazz - The Iron Horse Grill - they even have an onsite museum. Quickly learning why Jackson is known as the "City With Soul". Partnered with Visit Jackson, MS


Guess where we are? 😉

Good morning from Jackson, Mississippi. Here for the next 3 days to explore why it's the #CityWithSoul in partnership with Visit Jackson, MS

Any tips?

Insider Tips - What to Do in Chicago Illinois

Local tips on what to see & do in Chicago!

We can't wait to go back and put these insider recommendations to use..

Life Learning for kids

31 ways to empower kids to learn grown and prosper

Sal & Mookie's Pizza

Who loves PIZZA?

Check out this pizza we had tonight at Sal & Mookie's New York Pizza & Ice Cream Joint here in Jackson, Mississippi 😀

#VisitJackson, #CityWithSoul, #JXNDocSeries

New Orleans trip

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Who wants to visit the French Quarter in New Orleans?

We loved taking a stroll and seeing the stunning architecture and balconies with intricate ironwork, beautiful gardens, lamp posts, and musicians busking.
Of course there is the party vibe of Bourbon Street, but we preferred the more family friendly Royal Street with its shops, cafes, courtyards, art galleries, and restaurants. This is what we saw.

5 Important Experiences on the U.S. Civil Rights trail in Montgomery AL

Have you visited Montgomery Alabama?

As the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement. It's rich with experiences on the U.S. Civil Rights Trail (sponsored content)

We loved learning more about this important time in history that changed the world. It was a great learning opportunity for the girls and for us to talk about what we can do to continue working for equality for all.

#USCRT #CivilRightsTrail

QUESTION - where in the world are you waking up this weekend?

Share a photo of your destination in the comments...

Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans - seen from the steps near the Mississippi River. The horse and carriages had gone home for the night, but so pretty to see after sunset.

4 Best Places to Visit in Tennessee (and an itinerary for each place)

When did you screw everything up, but no one ever found out it was you?

Tips for (distance education) homeschooling on the road

If you're interested in homeschooling in Australia, this is how we did it with distance education

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Have you ever seen an Alligator in the wild?

What about 2 cute baby gators like these? When we knew we were coming to Louisiana and New Orleans, a swamp tour was on our list of things we wanted to do with our kids, because that's one of the things LA is known for right!
On Wednesday we did a tour with Cajun Encounters Tour Company and spotted these two just hanging on the bank, plus other gators, wild pigs, tree snakes and cool swamp landscape. We've seen plenty of crocs in the wild in Australia before, but not gators.

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Who loves eating breakfast outside in a cute courtyard?

Yesterday in New Orleans we enjoyed a delicious breaky at Brennan's Restaurant in the French Quarter in this gorgeous courtyard that made us feel like we were in Paris.
We had a yummy meal of: crayfish omelettes, french toast, New Orleans style coffee, and their famous bananas foster which is original to them and includes; bananas, rum, cinnamon and brown sugar - it is cooked in front of you and is YUM!!! It is the most-ordered item on Brennan's menu. Put this restaurant on your dining list for NOLA...

5 Ways to Deal with Solo Travel Negativity from Family & Friends

Have you dealt with negativity before from family and friends for your travel dreams? How did you manage it?

If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name?

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Who wants to live in the Garden District of Visit New Orleans?

Which house do you choose? 1, 2, 3 or 4?


Who wants to bring their kids to Visit New Orleans?

Cool kids tour of the French Quarter with @FrenchQuarterKids.

City with Soul: Jackson, MS

We're preparing to visit Jackson, Mississippi straight after New Orleans. There's so much soul in the South and Jackson is noted as the City With Soul!

Jackson has made a series of docuseries highlighting the City With Soul, which we're partnering with them to highlight.

You can check out the series here.

Start with River Trips and Arty Flicks to get an insight into some of the family friendly experiences we'll be sharing with you soon. #JXNdocseries

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So our first breakfast in New Orleans didn't disappoint. After the kids got done with the thickest avo on toast we've ever seen, and us our colorful and healthy quinoa bowl, the kids enjoyed one of these chocolate chip cookies.

"Willa Jean" had a real locals vibe too which we love, and served up GOOD coffee! Here with Visit New Orleans

27 Things You Need to Know Before You Visit Cuba

27 things to know before you visit CUBA

Anyone heading to this destination? Don't leave home without reading this...

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When in New Orleans....

Beignets at Cafe Du Monde!!! With Visit New Orleans

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Our first taste of Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday was the Zulu Parade. We saw some fantastic costumes and face paint and our kids enjoyed catching beads. Hand-decorated coconuts and dolls and were also thrown into the crowd

Zulu is New Orleans' largest predominantly African American carnival organization known for its blackfaced krewe members wearing grass skirts. Put this parade on your Mardi Gras itinerary. Here with Visit New Orleans

QUESTION - what has been your best travel lesson or tip lately?

7 Reasons to Visit Mozambique

Mozambique looks like an unforgettable experience.

Have you been? Here's why you should go!

What’s a body part that you wouldn’t mind losing?

Thoughts on Mardi Gras....

When you Visit New Orleans definitely consider coming on Fat Tuesday, even with kids! #Sponsored

A Local Insiders Guide on Things to Do in Barcelona, Spain

Great tips here on things to do in Barcelona!

What a place this looks like. You been?

FAT TUESDAY....Mardi Gras day!!

Excited for the parades today. Red is the color of the day. Check us out as Love Bugs 😀

Here with Visit New Orleans

Here is a quick video from the Orpheus Parade at Mardis Gras tonight in New Orleans. Was fun seeing all the floats and catching beads! Here with Visit New Orleans

How to Visit Australia on a two week Vacation

2 weeks in Australia. Is it possible? Here's how...

Discover Chimney Rock State Park & Lake Lure, North Carolina

We love Lake Lure in North Carolina. We're taking my parents there in May because we love it so much.

I had the pleasure of visiting last summer with Howard from @backroadplanet for the Dirty Dancing festival. I love this post he's written - super in-depth and showcasing why the area is so wonderful. (Howard is also wonderful) I'm so excited to return this Spring.

Have you been?

Mardi Gras in 3, 2, 1...

How do we look? Here with Visit New Orleans

HELP us Aussies answer this question???'s Mardi Gras time!

We are 1 hour away from arriving in New Orleans and ready with our costumes to check off a bucket list dream. Follow the hashtag #OneTimeImNOLA and @ytravelblog on Instagram for behind the scenes on Instagram stories :)

Any tips for Mardi Gras?

50 travel Instagram accounts to inspire your next trip

Looking for travel inspiration this year? Check out these 50 Instagram accounts to follow! They'll get you wanderlusting!

What was the scariest moment of your travels so far?

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Ribs + Wings at Dreamland BBQ in Montgomery, Alabama y'all...

19 Tips for Tavelling to Thailand with Kids

19 tips for traveling to Thailand with kids...

Is Thailand on your list?

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Yesterday in Montgomery, Alabama was amazing. We did a tour of the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church where Dr. Martin Luther KIng Jr was a pastor at age 25. We stood behind his pulpit, stood in his office, and listened to songs and stories from our amazing tour guide Wanda!!! Do this when in Montgomery!

48 Hours in Washington DC - Things to See and Do

48 Hours in Washington D.C.

We loved visiting D.C. and will definitely go back. And if you only have 2 days like us, this is what we recommend you do:

Life Learning for kids

Interested in helping your children learn for and from life?

I have a new free ebook sharing 31 ways you can empower your children to learn grow and prosper - in school and out!

These are the various strategies I've learned through 15 years of teaching, 20 years of travelling, 2 years of homeschooling, and 9 years as a mother.

The book is broken into two sections - Your Child and Life and Your Child and School.

Grab your copy now and share it with your friends.

Today we walked past this mural in Montgomery, Alabama depicting the 54 mile march from Selma to Montgomery for the Civil Rights Movement in 1965. Depicts a great story!